Welcome to olbrychtpalmer.net! I’m a trainee solicitor in New South Wales, Australia. I graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Laws before beginning a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law. I am currently finishing my training at a law firm in Western Sydney.

In addition to studying the ‘Priestly 11’ subjects required to become a lawyer in Australia, I specialised in international law, intellectual property, public policy, comparative law and wills and succession. I have undertaken additional study or training in consumer law, administrative law, American law and international human rights law.

For a number of years I was also involved in politics. I am a former member of the Pirate Parties in Australia and the United Kingdom. As a member of Pirate Party Australia I held a number of positions, and wrote or cowrote many public inquiry submissions to Parliamentary committees and independent statutory bodies like the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer

(Yes! That’s my real name!)