• When your client wants a gun

    A matter was referred to me recently concerning a business owner in New South Wales who wanted to know if he (or his employees) could carry a gun. [Read more]

  • Have you seen this die?

    It was suggested I buy a game of Risk. I have played Risk a few times before, but never had my own (or a family) set. Everything seemed correct, until I noticed the die. [Read more]

  • Why do Flakes still exist when the Twirl is obviously superior?

    Growing up, I loved Cadbury Flakes. No doubt this is at least partially responsible for my ample size. There's something immensely satisfying about the texture and flavour of thinly-folded milk chocolate. [Read more]

  • Introducing: Mozaert (yes, 'Mozaert')

    I filled in the application form and waited patiently for three weeks for my practising certificate to arrive. When it arrived I gave it only a cursory glance. Later, when I looked at it more closely, I noticed a problem. [Read more]

  • The question mark is not, by itself, a question

    When it comes to correctly using language, I’m not particularly fussy. Unless language is being used in a formal or professional setting (such as in a textbook or a business meeting), I’ll let almost anything pass without comment. [Read more]

  • Is the Gallien-Krueger 250ML the most versatile guitar amp ever produced?

    I recently acquired a Gallien-Krueger 250ML guitar amplifier. Having owned it for a few weeks now, I’m starting to wonder if it could be the most versatile guitar amp put into production. [Read more]