I spent several years working as a digital rights activist and as a consultant on free and open-source software projects. Through these, I picked up some basic abilities to write code of my own.

I am particularly skilled with the typesetting language LaTeX. I use LaTeX far more often than a word processor because of its powerful typesetting capabilities that let me control exactly how my documents look. Most of my assessments at university were written using LaTeX, and I even began to develop a Biblatex implementation of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation which I will hopefully finish and publish. LaTeX is also useful for version-control of documents, as the source files are plain text.

Through building websites I’ve picked up a fair amount of HTML and CSS, as well as Liquid since a friend introduced me to Jekyll a few years ago and I use it extensively for web-based projects. I can also write a bit of JS and PHP.

I write scripts in Python to automate tasks, and used it to write Addier, a Python-based double-entry bookkeeping system that uses a similar concept to Jekyll. Addier produces a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and journal entries for transactions. It’s a work in progress, but I’m quite proud of it.