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  • Chilli con carne Recipe

    A friend recently asked me for my chilli con carne recipe, and I figured that as Australia heads into winter, everyone else might benefit from this tasty, spicy and cheap recipe.

  • Cape to Cairo detailed route: Moyale to Cairo

    The third and final leg of our planned overland journey from Cape Town to Cairo involves passing through Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. This is where things become difficult.

  • Cape to Cairo detailed route: Victoria Falls to Moyale

    Following on from my previous post, the route we’re planning on taking from Cape Town to Cairo will see us continue from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe through Zambia, to the coast of Tanzania, and on to Moyale, northern Kenya.

  • Cape to Cairo detailed route: Cape Town to Victoria Falls

    In the next few posts I’m going to outline our current proposed route from Cape Town to Cairo in detail. I’ve divided it into three legs to make it more manageable:

  • Cape to Cairo planning: visas

    As far as I can tell, the minimum number of countries required to travel through from Cape Town to Cairo is seven, but the fastest and safest route seems to be the nine-country route we’re planning.

  • Cape to Cairo planning: basic overland route

    Undoubtedly the fastest overland route from Cape Town to Cairo is driving through East Africa. The total distance is about 10,100 km and would take around 160 hours non-stop. Assuming we could drive 12 hours per day (optimistically), it could be done in around 14 days.

  • Cape to Cairo planning

    A few of my friends already know, but I’m now officially announcing that my brother Joseph and I are planning an overland trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt for early 2021.

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