I am a lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. I received my Bachelor of Laws from Western Sydney University, and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. Before being admitted I worked as a paralegal at a generalist firm in western Sydney.

On this site I have published a number of essays, articles and analyses of law, as well as notes and summaries from my time at law school. I hope they will be of interest or of use. I’m always happy to hear from readers (especially law students) who have further questions, or simply want to express their appreciation, so feel free to drop me a line.

I’ve also started compiling my own case law database, which I’ve made publicly available. It mostly focuses on Australian law, but when I’ve finished (which requires converting 260 cases from a spreadsheet) it will include a number cases from Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States (and possible others), as well as international law cases.

Although I did legal studies in high school, it wasn’t until I began researching copyright while studying music that I became truly interested in pursuing law. About halfway through my course I became an active campaigner in the digital rights and information politics arena, and quickly realised how important knowledge of law was. I made the decision to study law because I had displayed an aptitude for legal analysis through the many submissions I had authored or co-authored to public inquiries, but was frustrated with my lack of formal training.

I find most aspects of the law fascinating, though at times it can be frustrating. My particular areas of expertise in terms of subject-matter are international law and intellectual property law, but I excel at research and drafting in general. I am also interested in the more academic areas of comparative law and legal theory (or jurisprudence).