The first jam is available here:

What is it?

It is a virtual, asynchronous jam session in which players will take turns playing over a selected backing tracks.

Making a submission


Anyone may submit two takes over the backing tracks below. Submitters may use the same backing track twice or submit one track for each backing track. Submissions should not include the original backing track, but the file name should indicate which backing track (2A or 2B) was used for the take. Processing may be done prior to submission.

Submissions should be as WAV or AIFF files. The length should be the same as the backing track, with the submission synchronised to the backing at 0:00.

Submissions should be made by sending a link to the submission via private message to Mozart on Libera IRC. It would be ideal to have submissions in by before 19 March. If you need help, everyone in ##guitar on Libera will be happy to assist you to the best of their ability.

The backing tracks

The backing tracks are 57 seconds long with a four-bar drum count-in. Do not play over the drum intro, although a short anacrusis (pickup) is okay.

The tempo is 85 BPM and the backing tracks are in common time (4/4). The chord progression is:


The progression is the same for both backing tracks, with a slightly different arrangement: 2A is softer, 2B is harder.

Both backing tracks are available as AIFF or MP3.

The final mix

Thank you to auge, fendur, gnrp, jprajzne, and SteppenwolfVM for submitting to the jam. There were six submissions, including my own.

Apologies to everyone, particularly the participants, for the delay in finalising this jam. When I volunteered to do it, I wasn't expecting the various misadventures of the last six months (flooding, power outages, Internet outages, hardware failure, colds, self-isolation, back injury) on top of preparing a research proposal. Nevertheless, here it is!

The final mix is available in AIFF and MP3 formats.

The submissions are in what I felt was the best order, and are not in the order above. The table below provides the approximate start time for each submission.

Submission Start time Backing track Participant
1 00:11 2A fendur
2 00:56 2A auge
3 01:41 2B Mozart
4 02:26 2A jprajzne
5 03:12 2A SteppenwolfVM
6 03:57 2A gnrp