A few of my friends already know, but I’m now officially announcing that my brother Joseph and I are planning an overland trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt for early 2021.

Because this is quite an ambitious trek, I really want to document the process from start to finish. There aren’t many regularly-updated resources on the web about making the journey, so hopefully keeping a record of our preparations and progress will help that. Plus, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I want to keep a detailed log!

I’ve wanted to do a transcontinental trip for a while, and Cape Town to Cairo is perhaps the most gruelling of the possibilities (not counting Antarctica) due primarily to the state of transport. There is some danger from crime, terrorism and civil unrest, but those aren’t challenges per se.

It was probably about six months that I suggested the idea to Joseph; I think I brought it up as more of a humorous thought than a serious suggestion. As we talked about it some more, the feasibility seemed to increase, and the research began.

Even though we’re almost a year away from going, there’s a lot of preparation to do. In the coming posts I’ll be publishing bits and pieces of the background and planning. Stay tuned!

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